Self-Care is the First Step Towards Self Awareness

by Preacher Girl  Chelsea T. Pernell

Self-awareness is the first step to positive self-care.  Self-awareness  means that you are consciously  aware of all of your needs. It is a holistic approach to nurture who you are and what you need to live a happy, healthy, and balanced life.  It is extremely important for women and girls to develop a sense of self -awareness. This type of awareness allows one to understand one’s value and worth. Once one knows one’s, worth then others will know one’s worth.

Personal affirmations are mental reminders that help shape your perspective about you!  When one speaks personal affirmations, affirmations help navigate one through the false evidence appearing real. “I AM”is two powerful life-giving words that can ultimately change the trajectory of one’s life. The power of the spoken word has the ability to shift positive to negative , lack to abundance, chaos to peace, and denial to access.  I have learned over the years that I have the power of life in my mouth. It’s up to me to be intentional about what words are released in the atmosphere. Ultimately, I live in the world I frame with my words. I challenge you to affirm who you are and who you shall be.